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Welcome to the realm of strategic brilliance and financial mastery. If you're seeking to transform your business into a thriving success story, look no further. With over 16 years of seasoned expertise, your dedicated CFO and Strategic Business Partner, are equipped to steer your journey toward unparalleled achievements.

With a Track Record of Success across the Globe with a footprint spanning the USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and UAE, we've orchestrated triumphs in diverse industries: from E-Commerce to SAAS Businesses, Renewable Energy to Fashion & Apparel, Real Estate to PropTech, Digital Marketing to MarTech and Logistics to subscription based businesses– we use advanced tools to propel growth, profitability, and sustainability on an international scale

Visionary Leadership, Tangible Results

Our strategic insights have transformed businesses from stagnant to soaring. We don't just analyze problems; we solve them with cutting-edge technology. With a sharp focus on enhancing key metrics, We elevate profitable business segments, cashflows, and overall sustainability.

Business Enthusiast, Financial Wizard

Venture into the world of financial prowess and strategic brilliance. Our role as a CFO/Strategic Business Partner extends beyond numbers – We craft, scale, and optimize portfolios that truly matter. By merging key outcomes, exceptional teams, and adaptive learning, We ensure your success remains paramount.

What Can We Bring to Your Table?

A Multitude of Skills from automating traditional accounting, bookkeeping, tax planning, tax management, Strategic Business Analysis and Planning to Business Intelligence, we embody a holistic skill set. we navigate the intricate landscape of Financial Management, financial data automation and offering expertise in profit optimization to sustainability. Strategic Improvement Results will compel you to fell in love. Let’s work to boost your business data driven decision making, financial data automation, profitability, liquidity and valuation to the new heights.

Listen to what my clients say

  • Rahil has been working with me since last two years and contributed high value to business. He is a very valuable CFO for any business!
    Project: Fractional CFO for E-commerce Business to raise funding and M&A

    Milan Shah-CEO
    Naturelo UK Ltd(E-Commerce)
  • “Rahil developed a comprehensive financial model with scenarios to plan and manage E-commerce business. Excellent value delivered. Work is continued with Rahil”.

    Profit Surge Group & Ecommerce Group-USA
  • “Rahil is excellent at Price Analysis & Strategies”.
    Project: Pricing Analysis & Optimization Strategies for an E-Commerce Startup

    Omar Djelmami
    Co Founder @ Zenic Group-USA
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Project: Fractional CFO Consultation to build financial system for data driven decision making

    Olincia Missick
    CEO Skypass Carbian-Turk and Caicos Island
  • Financial Plans, Pricing Strategies & Fund Raising Strategies to bring par excellent values to our group. Rahil is very forthcoming, polite, trusted and always proactive in putting up ideas to the complicated situations. We do highly recommend Rahil, as he serves as a valued asset for the organizations”.
    Project: Fractional CFO & Business Strategist

    Khurram Moed-Managing Director
    Klarimex (Renewable Energy Group)
  • “Rahil did a wonderful job. He was very thorough and offered great feedback and advice and even found errors for us. I highly recommend!”. 
    Project: Financial Analysis to improve Profits

    Patricia Baronowski-Director
    Pristine Advisors-USA
  • “Rahil is incredibly prepared and professional, he helped me to create a financial projection that was very precise and articulate, but also very easy to understand. Communication was super good, and he was very kind and understanding. I recommend working with Rahil”.
    Project: CFO for B2B SAAS Business Financial Plan

    Francesca de Giovanni
    CEO@ HelloDoor (B2B SAAS)-Belgium
  • “Rahil is wonderful finance professional with experience and expertise to build an integrated financial system, highly recommended”.
    Project: Fractional Financial Controller

    Raymond Embry-CEO
    Embry Health-USA
  • “Excellent work to develop a well-integrated Financial Model to be used as tool to view quick analytics of Ad Spending budget, CAC, ROAS, Customer Cohort analysis, target revenue to be achieved and Lifetime value (LTV/CLV) of an ecommerce business. Highly recommended”.
    Project: Fractional Financial Modeler

    CEO & Founder
    WRK Marketing-USA
  • “Rahil and his team are an excellent Strategic Business Planners & Financial Strategists who add values to your Business beyond your expectations as he has very deep insight, knowledge, expertise & experience to handle practical problems of Businesses especially when we talk about Fintech, SAAS, Ecommerce & Traditional Business. They are highly recommended to be part of any Business to improve its KPIs”.
    Project: Fractional CFO & Business Strategist

    Kendal St Louis
    Founder & CEO at LADNEK-Trinidad and Tobago
  • “Rahil is excellent to work with. He is very cooperative and delivers very high-quality work. He is highly recommended."
    Project: Fractional Financial Analyst

    Alex Aydin
    Founder & CEO Bookingpal Inc-USA
  • “Great work! Highly recommended”.
    Project: Financial Analysis to improve Profits

    Venture Capital & Private Equity Firm-USA
  • Rahil did a wonderful job. Recommended!
    Project: Foreign Investment Analysis, Business Valuation & Sensitivity Analysis

    Lilly White- Founder
  • Rahil is cooperative and very responsive. Always had pleasure to work with him. Long term projects(Work Continued....) Project: Financial Model for Renewable Energy Startup

    Elle Gordon-Founder
    Renewable Energy Startup(Tech)
  • “Quick turnaround and impressive presentation skills”.
    Project: Developed Financial Model for Solar Energy Business-With Financing & Without Financing

    VC & PE Firm-UK
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Project: Developed Financial Plan for E-Commerce business to raise funds

    Angellete Mullar-CEO
    LoveHealth (E-Commerce Business-UK)

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